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AA= – digital album “#3“ will be available for download on the 10th of April

Takeshi Ueda – founder of internationally known Electro/Punk band MAD CAPSULE MARKET’S and musical all-rounder is releasing the latest album of his project AA= all over Europe! The album has simply been titled “#3” since this one is the third album release of AA=. Inspired by George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”, Takeshi Udea named his project AA= (All Animals Are Equal) and decided to focus on political grievances and sociocultural problems.

But that’s not all, because at the same time, Ueda also donated a part of the profits from his last two albums to the environmental organization WWF and sold charity T-shirts. The proceeds went straight to the victims of Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in March, 2011.

Nevertheless Takeshi Ueda is still a very talented musician in first place and “#3” is an album with a strong message and thrilling songs at the same time! Songs like “DISTORTION” and “posi-JUMPER” perfectly combine Punk- and Industrial music which is catchy at the same time.

AA= ”#3” will be out on the 10th of April for download all over Europe.