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Pressefoto XodiacK Shinra Bansho  Setsuri

Pressefoto XodiacK Shinra Bansho Setsuri
Pressefoto XodiacK, Album Shinra Bansho Setsuri, aufgenommen in Japan, hizuki, agito, chiri, eros,yahiro, 2009

XODIACK – the latest Import from Japan can be seen as a perfect example for what the Japanese entertainment culture is all about: Mixing Visual-Kei, animations, comics and splendid special effects! The Band himself defines their music style as “galaxy metal” which consists of violent and heavy sounds. Around their “galaxy metal” XODIACK have created an epic story which deals with gods, the universe and the role of mankind. The Band truly put their focus on Visual-Kei, which is obvious, if you look at their lavish outfits which were created in cooperation with a famous special effects producer. The release of the forthcoming album will be on the 6th of November. Stay tuned – XODIACK will pull you into their unique universe!

XodiacK - Shinra Bansho - Setsuri