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Abingdon Boys School

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Pressefoto Abingdon Boys School Teaching Materials

Pressefoto Abingdon Boys School Teaching Materials
Pressefoto Abingdon Boys School, Album Teaching Materials, aufgenommen in Japan, Takanori Nishikawa, Sunao, Hiroshi Shibasaki, Toshiyuki Kishi, 2009


A Japanese dream band that many Japanese have always wanted to have but never could have had. Japanese “high school girls bands” have existed in the past, however abingdon boys school has become one of the first bands which is formed with the theme of “high school boys band”. abingdon boys school is well known for their extremely appealing stage show and stage settings, with all of the members wearing school uniform-like outfit – red velvet, golden buttons, silk and glamorous clothing. Their music challenges the J-POP, animation, and game music category, with their edgy and intense sound which have never existed in Japan.

The band was founded in 2005, formed by the experienced musicians Takanori Nishikawa (vocal; also known as T.M. Revolution), Toshiyuki Kishi (keyboard & programming), Hiroshi Shibasaki (guitar, formerly WANDS) and Sunao (guitar).

Dramatically debuting with the single INNOCENT SORROW, a theme song of the smash hit animation series D.Gray-man, on December 6, 2006, already has achieved #5 of the ORICON chart (*Japanese leading sales chart). B-side of this single “Fre@K $HoW” was included in the inspired compilation album of the smash-hit animation series DEATH NOTE, The songs for DEATH NOTE the movie~the Last name TRIBUTE. Even before their debut, their song stay away was included in the compilation album inspired by the popular manga NANA.

They released their 2nd single HOWLING, on May 16, 2007, which was the theme song of the animation series DARKER THAN BLACK, and have achieved #4 of the ORICON chart. Same year on July 4th, they released their 3rd single Nephilim, a theme song of the PlayStation3 game soft Folklore, also achieved #5 of the ORICON chart. Building up the status, abingdon boys school released their first album abingdon boys school, on October 17, 2007, which achieved #2 on the ORICON chart.

Starting from 2005, the smash-hit game soft series Sengoku BASARA, historical backdrop of which takes place in the Warring States period, dominated many youngsters to wear the costumes of the feudal warlord. In 2007, abingdon boys school’s 4th single BLADE CHORD was chosen as the theme song of the Wii & PlayStation2 game soft of the Sengoku BASARA2 (HEROES). Gaining massive support from the fans, by releasing the single on December 5, 2007, they achieved #2 of the ORICON chart.

On February 19, 2008, the band have had their first headliner tour “abingdon boys school JAPAN TOUR 2008” at 3 major cities with 7 shows. After their headliner tour in Japan, their 5th single STRENGTH., having the tie-in with the ending theme song of the smash-hit animation series SOUL EATER, was released on February 25, 2009 , achieved #4 on the ORICON chart.

The band was privileged with another opportunity to have a tie-in. Their 6th single JAP, released on May 20, 2009 achieving #4 on the ORICON chart, was also chosen as the theme song of the PlayStation Portable game soft of the Sengoku BASARA BATTLE HEROES. Their new single Kimi no Uta, which is released on August 26, 2009, is selected as a theme song of another hit animation TOKYO MAGNITUDE8.0.

The band has just announced their first European tour starting on November 4, 2009 from Helsinki to Munich, visiting 8 cities in 2 weeks. The Album "Teaching Material" will be released on the 30th  of october!

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