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Pressefoto heidi. Panorama

Pressefoto heidi. Panorama
Pressefoto heidi., Album Panorama, aufgenommen in Japan, Nao, 2009

Concerning heidi. to be the famous cartoon series from the late seventies, you are totally wrong! Recently heidi. has become an established Act in the japanese J-Rock scene, which have committed their selves to the Angura Kei sound. With music that crosses a variety of genres, the band is unique and a fresh face in the indie scene. Now at their third anniversary, heidi. is steadily making their way to the top and has a bright future ahead.
If you listen to the music of heidi., you probably figure out that there are some parallels to other great japanese acts like MUCC. Proofing their status, heidi. was given the honor to perform with the monster act X-Japan. On the 23rd of oktober heidi. will release their album in europe and wash away all thoughts of an old fashioned cartoon series in relation to their name!