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Pressefoto Vidoll Album Bastard

Pressefoto Vidoll Album Bastard
Pressefoto Vidoll, Album Bastard, aufgenommen in Japan, Gill, 2007


Founded in 2002, Vidoll are an exception of the Visual-Kei scene. Despite the fast pace of the musical world, Vidoll have survived redeployments and continued to increase their fanbase, releasing one stunning album after another. Through a dozen EPs and Longplayers, Vidoll have secured their position as a leader of the Visual-Kei scene, with the buzz in Japan resonating accross the seas, leading to high regard among european audiences.

The career of Vidoll started in the Japanese independent scene, to which they remained faithful for many years, before signing up with a major record company in 2007 to spread their music among a bigger audience. Vidoll’s success can be attributed to their extraordinary and bizarre look and sound – a blending of heavy rock, emotional pop ballads, and jazzy upbeat numbers. These different elements complement each other, particularly through the expression of leadsinger Jui: Cherubic parts alternate with fierce screaming to reveal the huge range of Jui’s voice. These self-style purveryors of „occult romanticism“ inject a breath of fresh air into the Visual-Kei scene in June 2010 with the release of long awaited new album „Bastard“ via Gan-Shin Records.

Vidoll are: Jui, Rame, Tero, Shun und Giru.