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Eating away people with sound, the Aural Vampire invites them to the world of luscious pleasure.
Those followers cannot help wanting their sound, finding themselves in an
addicted state. The Aural Vampire is an international music vampire.

Aural Vampire is an industrial performance unit by vampire vocal EXO-CHIKA and masked DJ RAVEMAN. Violent and sexual energy of 70s-80s horror movies are emitted through strange electronic sound and emotional melody line. Wearing blond long hair, fangs, and masks, they sure claim for absolute presence. They are often referred as “Electro Gothic Pop” for appearing in Gothic costumes.

The Aural Vampirereleased self produced album “Vampire Ecstasy” in 2004, and free download single “Death Folder” in 2005. These productions drew strong attention of oversea media and lead the Aural Vampire to appear in the cover of German Gothic music magazine “Astan Magazine” for 3 editions. The Aural Vampire has toured US and Europe quite a few times. Their mysterious live performance has always given a cryptic yet distinct sense to the local audiences. Aural Vampire’s official profile at has always gained high reputation in the Japan General Chart and Industrial Chart. They also grasped the chance to perform at music event “GMT2008” within the Tokyo Game Show and “Myspace Japan 2nd Anniversary.” Starting from 2008, Aural Vampire has been continuously releasing exclusive tracks through iTMS worldwide.

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