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MEGAMASSO – The love is gone!

…at least if you take the title of MEGAMASSO’s release “Loveless, more Loveless” for real! Today, on the 18th of march 2011, Inzargi, Ryohei and Gou present their brand new record to all European J-Rock and especially Oshare Kei fans. 14 songs, powered by Inzargi’s strong voice and Ryohei’s experimental songwriting, will offer a wide range of pop-, rock-, and even metal – elements to the listener! As an exclusive bonus the European editions comes with a second booklet containing the lyrics translated to English!






MEGAMASSO has been founded in 2009, combining elements of Visual and Oshare-Kei. Without a doubt Ryohei, former member of the popular Visual-Kei band ayabie can be considered as creative head of MEGAMASSO, finally following his own musical vision with his band members Inzargi and Gou. Right from the beginning; MEGAMASSO caused a lot of buzz, even though drummer Yuuta left the band shortly after it’s foundation. MEGAMASSO’s growing popularity also caused the attention of some major record companies and it didn’t last long until MEGAMASSO signed up and released their first mayor record “M of Beauty” in 2010 followed by an extensive nationwide tour. MEGAMASSO’s sound is characterised by Inzargis impressive voice and Ryoheis experimental song writing, consisting of rock, pop, punk and metal. The first European release “Loveless, more Loveless” is another part of the MEGAMASSO success story and a highlight for every Visual-Kei fan!