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NoGoD – new album “V” will be available for download on February 21st

Follwing up the successful single release STAND UP!, Gan-Shin Records will release the latest album of one of Japans most interesting visual-kei bands of the current decade: NoGoD

The new album has been named “V” since it is the fifth longplayer release of NoGoD. Again “V” does not fail expectations by delivering straight-rocking guitar melodies and remarkable up-tempo rhythms right from the start. From time to time NoGoD also understands how to gear down in order to leave enough space for the next strike. Overall, there is a lot to discover on “V” and not a single disappointing track.

V will be available on February 21st all over Europe including 12 tracks.



NoGoD – new single STAND UP! available for download or stream now!

All European fans of the Visual-Kei band didn’t had to wait long for another release. Following their latest album Genjitsu, Gan-Shin Records is going to release the brand new single STAND UP! today which continues the spirit of NoGoD: Hard, fast guitar riffs and driving drums create epic rock hymns, along with the distinctive voice of leadsinger Danchou!

STAND UP! will also include the songs Hareruya and Naraku and will be available for download and stream only.




NoGoD – Genjitsu will be available for download on 11th of July

With the release of Genjitsu, Gan-Shin Records will present the latest album of one of Japans most interesting visual-kei bands of the current decade: NoGoD

NoGoD was formed in 2005 by vocalist Dancho, who soon gathered talented musicians around him, leading to the present cast of Kyire (Guitar), Shinno (Guitar), Karin (Bass) and K (Drums). One of the most distinctive features of NoGoD is their unique look based on an animation concept and their heavy, but catchy sound, influenced by a wide range of music. Especially the technical guitar skills of Kyrie are outstanding and dynamic and powerful guitar riffs characterize almost every song along with vocalist Dancho. With his distinctive voice, the lead singer of NoGoD is able to give every song a huge dose of individuality!

Genjitsu will be available on the 11th of July all over Europe and brings along everything a J-Rock fan could possibly ask for!