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AWOI – latest album Birthday available in Europe now!

Visual kei band AWOI are celebrating the European release of their latest album Birthday. Shortly after the release of their Best-of collection Aoi THE SECOND, lead vocalist Otogi and his band members delivering 11 brand new tracks to the audience in Europe. And there is no question that Birthday will delight every Visual kei and J-Rock fan out there, because there is simply no weak song on this album. AWOI not only impresses by the incredible voice of lead vocalist Otogi but also because of the incredible skills of the band members. Every song follows it’s own drive which makes this album so interesting and powerful.

Birthday will be available on December 19th for download or stream



Awoi ready to release their best album in Europe!

On September 7th, Gan-Shin Records will release their best album AOI THE SCOND digitally all over Europe, which is good news to every Visual Kei fan!

Challenging and powerful melodies are trademarks of Awoi, who never disappoint the high musical expectations by creating haunting songs and a special atmosphere of itís own. Along with the unique voice of lead singer Otogi, Awoi will delight all fans of heavy but at the same time emotional music.

AOI THE SECOND will include 16 outstanding songs and is set to be released on September 7th all over Europe. The album will be available for download or stream.




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Pressefoto Awoi Album AOI THE SECOND 2012

Pressefoto Awoi Album AOI THE SECOND 2012
Pressefoto Awoi, Album AOI THE SECOND, Otogi, Shou, Saki, Ryo, SIN 2012